Drug-free solution for chronic pain

VanBerlo got challenged to design a teaser for at home electro therapy, a product and app. The end result is a partly connected clickable prototype.



Visual Design & Partly Interaction Design

The result

There already exist some electrotherapy devices. But none are very easy. That's why we designed a super easy way to find out what treatment you need. Just select where you're in pain, answer a few questions to define your treatment, place your device and have the controls in your hand. 

Why I like this project

I got the chance to help with the Interaction Design. But mostly do the Visual Design. Because this was the first app designed for this company I was free to make a visual style. I got the chance to sit together with other visual designers and make all the decisions. I'm proud of the end result because it's a modern, yet professional and clean fitting with the design of the product.



To convince our client we love to use motion design. It's always an amazing extra. I designed this small walk-through of the concept in Principle.