Help with Dementia

The purpose of this research was to find out how the burdon for a volunteer caregiver can be decreased by the use of a digital interactive product. The most important needs and pain points that caregivers experience were identified by applying selective research methods. The endresult is an iPad app that helps cargeivers get in contact with fellow sufferers to inform/teach and support each other.

Born05 + Alzheimer Stichting

CMD Graduation project

Target group

 The target group for this design process were volunteer caregivers within the age of 65 to 75 who take care of their family member with dementia. Research shows that this group experiences the biggest burden.


The most important causes of the burdon for the cargivers wereinvestigated. These are ignorance of the disease/situation, lack of appreciation and not enough help. These causes can be reduced by learning to ask for help, taking time for yourself, getting more appreciation and access to reliable information.

The result

‘Help with Dementia’ reduces the burden of caring for someone. This app connects fellow sufferers in the same phase, so they can support each other. Relevant information based on the situation of the volunteer caregiver is always available. This information consists of stories, tips and questions of other caregivers. They experience less ignorance, learn how to give the best care and when enough has been done. The volunteer caregiver experiences extra attention and support. This gives them rest.